Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Trouble afoot...

Oh dear, work has become a bit of a spectacle and is at the stage where I am going to ask my supervisor for constructive criticism (i.e. for him to actually have the guts to tell me what exactly he is displeased with about my work). It is likely to give him a stroke that I am addressing the matter so bluntly, but it is at the point now where he basically wants alot of the stuff I could do and put in my thesis to be done by collaborators. He argues I could still put it in my thesis but I feel very uncomfortable about that and want to know why he doesn't trust my work enough to let me do it! The only other thing I can think is troubling him is that if collaborators do it, then he doesn't have to pay for it. However, that is really selfish, as it means he is reducing the quality and legitimacy of my PhD thesis!
Any thoughts and/or tips on what I could do would be appreciated!

We'll see how this goes!


At 8:47 am, Blogger Vidya said...

hmmm... maybe you ahve too much ony our plate? I would suggest that you decide what you really want to do and tell your supervisor that. Keep your thesis in mind - you have to tell a story and see how well connected your experiments are.

Talk to you soon!!!

At 4:37 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe you should kill him :) Actually maybe I'm reading too many crime novels! Well Mellie perhaps it is time to actually talk to him. He's a pain in the neck and really, your PhD is the most important thing here... Time for another phone chat I believe...



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