Friday, August 25, 2006

Moving Out...gypsy girl for a couple of months!

Its official. As of tomorrow afternoon (well, really tuesday 5pm) I will be a wandering gypsy until I have my on campus apartment. Tomorrow, my parents and wonderful, ever-reliable older brother will be helping me move most of my stuff down the road to a storage place. When I say "helping", what I mean is actually doing the entire lot because I am currently still unable to walk without crutches! I could bore one and all about how frustrated and impatient I am not being able to go out, and particularly not being able to work my insane hours. I really miss being at work, in the lab, in my own little world!
Anyway, I will be staying at my friends place for three weeks while she is away and then will likely move into temporary accommodation near the centre of the city for another month or so! It has been a crazy scramble on my part to find a place that won't make me sign a lease or pay more than my entire weekly wage, but I think I have found somewhere that is reasonable nice. That said, I was not impartial to sleeping in my car in the parking lot at work - it would certainly save alot of money on petrol!

So, when the travelling journal is ready to use its stubby little legs to be with me I thought it might be useful for you all to know that I probably wouldn't receive it or anything else for that matter (which would be a nice excuse to use when the bill collectors try and get their money out of me).

Ok, I hope all is good for you all! I am really sorry about the major lack of communication on my part - my leg and living situation have absorbed my thoughts alot of late!


At 1:54 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's wonderful to hear from you again.

I think it's definitely time for a phone call!



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